December 28th 2020

With the high number of individuals suffering with fear, loneliness and depression. The Digital world has become our way of communication and is in many forms replacing the way we used to do things in real life. As we constantly are on our devices and portraying ourselves in way that we want others to see but suffering in silents struggling with Anxiety, dealing with depression and trying to obtain the anger within ourselves.




Concept | Choreography | Movement direction by Erduan Xhaferi 

Artist/Dancer : Corrie King @corrie_ography


December 28th 2020

An interactive Virtual platform to experience music, dance, art and culture programs related to hip hop culture. A place for all the culture lovers to have the opportunity to connect. A creative platform to support International Artists to showcase their art form by providing a virtual experience like never before. Filled with educational Hip Hop history, participants creative exhibition concept competition, network opportunities and witness performances from a range of UK and International artists.

The first Live Interactive online dance battle event in the World

Erduan’s recent creation has been Innovative and inspirational to many where he made history by creating the first Interactive Live Online Dance Battle Event in the world. 

During the early stage of the Lockdown he launched Ground Zero Live, A Interactive Virtual platform to enable dancers from all walks to connect, unite and continue to share the passion and love for the hip hop culture. 

 As result of that it received over 300 submission in 3 days from dancers all over the UK /world and Judged by Internationally known dancers/choreographer. Erduan and a creative team of individuals hosted 10 Live Online Dance battles including seminars throughout the lockdown period reaching out to an audience of over 20,000 people in the uk and the world ranging from dancers of all StreetDance styles aged between 8-30 years old. Ground Zero Live also hosted international online events for  organisations such as King of the cities a Breakdance Championship event which consisted of over 2,500 participants signing up from 14 different south/north American countries and watched by over 30,000. Ground Zero Live also run two separate crowed funds during the lockdown where they raised money for the NHS and also Ashinaga a orphaning in Japan.


Coca Cola Summer Festival 2019

Erduan had the  pleasure of choreographing , Assisting and dancing along Nora and Era at the Coca Cola Summer Festival 2019 in front of a crowed of over 20,000 people  held in the capital city of Albania Tirana.

He worked with Albi Nako Dance, Tan Brama and choreographed the performance for the latest track by Era featuring her sister Nora called "Nuk E di". 


Live Performance Albania

Part of Erduans trip to Albania to Choreograph and dance for Era Istrefi & Nora Istrefi he also had the pleasure of performing at a Live talk show called Zone e Lire for their Final show of the season with Tan brama and his crew Last Shot Crew for 


Sky News Interview

Sky news Interview on the 21st February 2019 discussing the historic day where Breaking (B-Boying & B-Girling)  will be introduced into the Paris 2024 Olympic games along with Tim Hamilton aka Lil Tim. 
Erduan raised some key points on the positive impact this will have on a international and national level for this generation and the generations to come.
This is an amazing opportunity for the Hip Hop culture to have one of its elements be introduced into the Olympics and continue to spread that positive energy which it has been doing for years now around the world (From the Bronx to the World) into a bigger scale and continue to inspire more and more people from all walks of life to be part of this beautiful hip hop culture. 
Yes there is a debate on how it all will be managed and will it loose its Flava etc... but for now its fair to say lets enjoy this and appreciate what has happened and say thanks to be here and witness this historic moment and support it. The final decision will be made in 2020.


Concept & Direction by Erduan Xhaferi

The Purge Up rise 

The concept of this video is based on whats happening in London now with many young individuals who sometimes hold their inner anger or emotions inside or are just curious in finding their way but as many of them feel like they can't talk to their parent(s) / grown ups but instead look up to the olders and end up surrounding themselves with individuals who have chosen a negative path in life. Majority of the time they have no clue what they getting themselves into and being at the wrong places in the wrong time for then only to realize  its to late. The olders have a big influence on the younger generation and at the moment their isn't enough of young mentors which are able to use a platform to help these youngsters look up to them apart from what they been shown by watching some of so called musicians/rappers and of course the influence of social media. 
The truth is the government have never cared or have control of this in a positive way but will only make things worse in the communities as they can't relate. They not in control but we are, the more we invest in our younger generation the more impact it will have for the future for all our voices to be heard and thats how change can be made. Their is so much creativity and talent in various communities but its not being used to the full capacity and instead we are waiting for the government to do this when they all seem to do is cut funds left right and centre for the youth. For a change to happen communities need to unite and work together and only then make a change in todays society. 


Lead Role: Sammy
Artists : @Bogdan_theflava | @Chaquilleosborne_ | @Corrie_ography | @A_de_play | @Exhaferi | @Dre_xmusic 


Videography & Visuals by @Neptune.official (Derrick) 


Concept & Direction : Erduan Xhaferi 

Location: West London  

Music by:  Gracy Hopkins - The Faction

Parental Advisory (  The music used in this video contains some strong language)

New Visuals & Choreography to Machine Gun Kelly ( Till I Die )

Visuals by Edmond Xhaferi | www.edmondxhaferi.co.uk | info@edmondxhaferi.co.uk

Parental Advisory (  The music used in this video contains some strong language)

Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

 Choreographed by Erduan, track by Bryson Tiller- Don't featuring Society Dance Company dancers : Jonathan Jay Baron- Nicole Abraham- Shanice Noble- Yoran Ran. 

Visuals & Videography by Edmond Xhaferi


Channel E4 Demi Lovato Challenge

Erduan was hired to choreograph a piece on the latest British comedy panel game show presented by Chris Ramsey on E4. Erduan's task was to choreograph to the new track and viral dance challenge called Demi Lovato on the new episode of Virtually Famous aired on E4 in January 2017, 


The Beginning

Freestyle video of Erduan demonstrating various movement and also  introducing some of his cultures music mixed with a hip hop beat produced by Sero produktion. 

Videography by : Edmond Xhaferi



Whiles Erduan and the Society Dance Crew was waiting to perform at the o2 Arena for Hoops Aid they shot a video to Trip Lee's track Manolo backstage. 


Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

Erduan latest work was choreographing  London born and raised Hip Hop Artist Kingpin new music video of his new album launch called Capital Punishment. 

KingPin lyrics  provoking social content, explosive rhythmical delivery and high-energy stage presence. the videos content and choreography Erduan created  is based on today's social and economical situation which finds a lot of people imprisoned by the government and the system. 


Music Festival Albania (Fier City)

Erduan was invited by the Council of Tirana & The Multiplicity of arts Albania in July 2016 to work on a  project with a number of professional and non professional dancers.

The Project aim was to give talented young  people of Tirana an opportunity and a platform so they can express themseleves and showcase their talents.

Erduan worked with fifteen talented dancers for a week and choreographed a eight minutes piece which the dancers had the pleasure to perform in front of a five thousand people of the city of fier and also be watched by hundreds of thousand of people in the balkan region which was televised on the national program TV Klan. 


Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

Erduan Teamed up with the creators of the luxury Brand Gallis London to promote their new SnapBack collection  "Halo" which they launched in late 2015.

Erduan choreographed the promo video for their up and coming luxury fashion brand collection. 


O2 INDIGO Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

Erduan and his dance group Society Dance Crew had the pleasure to open T-Pain concert held at the London o2 organised by Musicalize.


London o2 Arena

Hoops aid is a charity to help raise money for young people with disability  who struggle to gain access to grass-roots sport. Erduan and his troupe was asked to perform alongside a UK rapper at the packed London o2 in front of 16,000 people attending to support this event also to watch the BBL Finals.


Paul Robinsons Theatre

In Association with Feltham Arts Erduan teamed up with Danno Scordino Production to create this amazing project. 

Visual Poeticz is a combination of  dance and interactive media by blending dancing bodies and technology illustrating our present age in a poetic and artistic way.



Sheperds Bush O2 Empire

 Erduan was asked to take part with his Crew Society Dance in wide range of diverse acts including singers, dancers & musicians as they try their luck at pleasing a highly critical and merciless crowd ready to “Boo” them off stage. Anyone who does fall victim to the “boo’s” will be forced into an early retirement and will be subject to the infamous “SANDMAN” aka Kat at the Shepherds Bush Empire. 

Society Dance Crew performance was very successful  as they amazed the audience and put on a show for all to enjoy. 


London Copper Box Arena

Erduan was invited alongside his dance crew Society Dance to perform at the annual summer event Midnight Madness final held at the London Copper Box located at the Olympic park. 

Midnight Madness is the biggest open participation summer basketball program in Europe. We provide the ultimate in hoops competition, summer fun, entertainment and good times while delivering access to exciting opportunities for players both on and off the court. 

VISUAL POETICZ (The Awakening)

Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

Erduan teamed up with the Galis London to work on a piece for their new  luxury snapback range Halo. 


Kosovo | Peje

Erduan went back to the beautiful city of Peje in Kosovo where he was born. He decided  to shoot this video to the track of TroyBoi  in the location of a train station where he remembers playing with the other kids as a child,  even after the long war in Kosovo the same train still stands there and now other kids are playing there after so many years. 

"We are who we are not because of what we do but how they perceive us, they judge with out cause and make fun with out shame, they see only what they want to, even when the truth is there, don't judge by appearance but judge with good reason."

Visuals & Videography by Edmond Xhaferi


Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

After the successful performance  at the Summer Madness basketball event in Brighton Erduan and his Society Dance Crew members Jay,Yoran and Taydo shot this short concept video demonstrating the art of popping,waving and tutting. 


Choreography By Erduan Xhaferi

After the return of one of the influential Artist in the Hip Hop culture Missy Elliot made her return with her new track "Where They From".

Erduan being a big fan of Missy Elliot he wanted to choreograph and shoot the concept video on the same day with some amazingly talented young dancers. 

This was a fun challenge for all the dancers taking part in this little project , considering it was choreographed and shot on the same day the outcome was pretty amazing.

Dance is all about having fun and enjoying the moment together as dancers, music unites us all no matter what age or race we are.

Visuals & Videography by Edmond Xhaferi


Choreogaphy by Erduan Xhaferi

After receiving great feedback from the artist on social media Erduan wanted to choreograph a concept piece to Dafina's new track MSD.  

With the help of the great team at Danno Scordino Production and the talented actress Shanice Noble the video was successful.


The concept Inspired by Erduan's own story, experience and relationships in life. Sometimes we take things for granted and don't see what we have in front of us as important, we become to realize how much importance a person has only when they are no longer present in our lives. .


Portobello Market London

Albania | Tirana

One day before the performance at the annual Music Festival in Fier city in Albania Erduan recorded a video to one of Albanians top hip hop artist music Capital T,  he wanted to give the talented dancers a platform to be noticed and appreciated as dancers for their talents.


The video was shot in the center of the capital city of Albania  at a recent land mark architecture design "Reja" (The Cloud)  created by Sou Fujimotos.

Paul Robinsons Theatre

Erduan was hired once again by  Feltham Arts after his choreographic work  Visual Poeticz and performance from Society Dance  for their annual show held at the Paul Robinson Theatre.

At this years showcase Erduan teamed up with  young talented dancers  Aslan, Sonny, Grace and Alfie alongside an  up and coming Videographer Edmond Xhaferi to work on this creative project.


Script wirtten by Erduan and acted by the young artists and danced by Society Dance Company  " Behind Closed Doors" is based on a four friends which find themselves looking for their football  in an abandoned building after one of them kicked the football over whiles playing.

 On their search through the abandon  building they all witness  abnormal noise coming from a room and they all experience different vision into the past of dance era's which takes them back into time. 


A short Movie displayed in artistic and creative way using today's technology to illustrate the decades of dance which has inspired us all. 


House Dance Workshop

Erduan was hired by student services to teach an open workshop to all students attending West Thames College.

The Turn up was amazing and all students that took part in this workshop enjoyed themselves and left feeling inspired.


West Thames College

Erduan was hired by the performing arts department at West Thames College to deliver the Urban dance course part of the national curriculum and teach students attending the course. 


Erduan was Actively in all areas engaging and challenging students to realize their full potential and develop their dance techniques and skills by providing foundation in all Street & Hip Hop dance styles. 


Choreographing, directing and assessing students on their term showcase performances.
Supervising/Moderating and assisting final year students with their individual Choreographic performances.


Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

Society Dance Crew was hired to entertain shoppers in the city centre of the  Brand New  store opening by Dunkin Donuts in West London.

Videography by Danno Scordino Productions


Choreography by Erduan Xhaferi

A number of Choreographed piece choreographed by Erduan and danced by Society Dance Crew in 2014



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