To facilitate a FREE culture development dance project  which will  unite communities using dance as a tool to encourage interaction, Social integration, social equality, gender equality and freedom of expression amongst the young generation of Tirana/Albania. The aim & purpose of this  project is to invite a total of 1500-2000 young people aged between 10-25 years of age from various community groups and minority groups to participate in the FREE Society Dance Camp which will run daily for 4-5 weeks in the summer holidays, by providing two to three workshops daily for the length of two hours for each workshop taught by highly  professional Choreographers & Mentors which are know  and respected world wide for their art & knowledge.


The dance workshops will add tremendous positive value to national development and cooperation work for the benefits of girls, boys, women and men by strengthening community activities and providing positive resources that will have a significant impact across a range of communities which will be beneficial for the present and future of Tirana where the community actitvites are not efficent and lacks in community projects due no funding for youth projects and a major division in ethnic groups,minority groups which are excluded from various social actitvites.  We aim to Provide awareness of gender equality and diversity in the daily workshops which we will build social integration by braking down stereotypical barriers, fostering the global cross culture knowledge and understanding of young people. By developing individual and group solving skills, learning concepts and understanding subjects, linking movement and activities to academic themes enabling practitioners to draw upon young peoples deep-rooted bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence.


the aim &purpose

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